Angelic help to change anything

The energy between us is hold by the Angelic kingdom and everbody is loved by it. You are, your loved ones are, the most traumatized people are.

That means when we ask that light for healing purpose and pure intentions of peaceful action for situations small and big, we start to manifest with them. You have at least two guardian Angels. Just a little theory here, but my message here is to ask you to start feeling their presence and interact, so you can communicate through them instead. To let go of your question to them means you give trust to them, that is the only wayfor them to be able to give you signs instead of communicating from a non-intuitive thought-process that is not a full way of living your lifepurpose. Letting go(the genuine one) is telling the universe, your Angels, you don’t believe in minor emotions as doubt, anger, unforgiveness,…cause they don’t!

Working with the divine is not anymore about money, matter,… it’s about truly working peace upon our world in need of that!

Have fun! Watch out it’s real stuff, it’s reality!