LeavingTheSystem – 1: introduction

Hello everyone,

From now on I will be sharing my project LeavingTheSystem to inspire people to leave the system wisely. It’s going to be a path of transformation to come out of the brainwash of ages of manipulating one another in so many different ways.

It will take inner wisdom first to be able to teach ourselves(and so the world) in how to switch our desicions to a higher level of thinking, in other words we will have to teach ourselves what it means to open up our hearts and feel over decisions using our intuitive natural ability. The bespoken ‘human intuition’. Now our intuition is mostly just there, not yet truly in use. There is no other way in creating collective peace; if we want to be able to reconnect with our own energy and the energy of others.

Thinking in energy may seem a new way of living, but it isn’t, we once have lived so peacefully, so in tune with ourselves, nature and each other. It’s in us and now it is our collective responsibility to open up again to arrive back at the point it all went wrong. Becoming aware and conscious we are not living our authentic and vulnarable selves in safetiness. Remembering the moment we started to create societies that were no longer connected with life itself. A life where small communities thrived in the flow of our excistance.

This is the 1st opening article I have posted here and we are the 1st of July 2019. Here is the beginning of the new that can overwrite the old energies of pain we’ve created. This is my ultimate true and authentic lifepurpose I received in my visions for the last 10 years and it’s time now to share it with the world. I will follow my flow of life to inspire throughout the path this project will take.

In trust I will share all of my intuitive insights with you so we can start again to walk a different path than we have done for so long. I am fully confident that we are not here to live the life we live, cause a system doesn’t thrive. A system is forced in to a feeling we don’t like and doesn’t provide happiness in the moment, it provides money and we will never have enought. It’s an ever look-out for something to come that will never come. Unless we are satisfied with a new house, car and all of the matter. I am sure a layer of our population will still, in that life, go through the process of money. It’s in wisdom we inspire!


Photo by https://www.instagram.com/asarodger/ via Unsplash