photo by Eric Stine via Unsplash

Angels are the ones sending you their confirming signs as feathers, goose bumps, strokes through your hair, coins that drop, number 4. Or someone else is touched by an Angel and is saying excactly what you need to know, it resonates, it is perfect…you get the goose bumps! It’s especially for you, they live you! You’ll know when that happens what question(= your prayer, even the unconscious ones) they just answered you. Never doubt this intuitive nudge.

Synchronicity is a 24/24 job performed by Angels. Meaning by showing you what you’ve seen before is repeated/shown within a short period of time. Angels are non-denominational. Everyone has his/her personal guardian Angels and the light between you and me is occupied by many sorts of Angels with specific qualities/tasks. All out there to help you with their guidance if you ask and let go!


…as in Archangel Michael(every name is related to an Angel or Higher ascended being)

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