Donald Trump and the collective energy

Like f.e. with America, blue is angry at red and red is angry at blue and yet nothing else is possible to undertake proceeding in to that direction, cause it blocks the way to a wider view on things. Do you feel the energy-block? The anger and disappointment, while in divine truth it is a situation that can become ready to flow if we let go. Even further; blue letting go of it’s blue and red letting go of it’s red would become miraculeus.

This is way to scary for people, cause the 3rd dimensional realm still believes in ‘what if’. While without the blue and the red we would see there is also a white and neutral colour. Our mutual excistence! Not the one of politics! We will and won’t ever need something once we come out of that rush of a life that doesn’t serve our authentic excistance. Right now we are serving our excistance of money and matter. Even against our will we go, every day and no one says stop…cause we believe there is no other way. No money no life! That is how far we got ourselves…cause what if…

But I say, if we could create this way, we can create another one…undoing the old one.

Donald Trump shows us through his narrow view, still encouraged by the narcissistic belief we all took on a long time ago, that it is the old energy of economy that is the truth. But in all respect of his ever evolving soul I get it…I get it that we needed that mirror to know what we don’t need no more. We are shown our karmic sense. Such a huge event, like the Trump election means we must of have a bigger purpose than we live right now! Otherwise it wouldn’t of gotten such (negative) attention. All narcissism is about insecurity of self-power so following it will bring you the same reaction!

This event prevented us this time around(the blue side could of never bring us that kind of mirror), to show us we don’t need these values no more. We need higher values, we want to be delivered of that harsh and dense way of living life corrupt and disconnected from source and so each other and ourselves. Spending distractive time at working out economy is a dead end road , what we’ve seen before! All time is consumed toward intelligence and no wisdom! No sitting back and musing time, it’s awful if we could only see it through our inner clarity! The possibility of using our human intelligence is to support wisdom, not at all distruction. Our bodies changed toward the wrong way, yoga f.e. wasn’t there in sanscrit for nothing, a long time ago. Now we are recalling that!

So Donald, that was your life purpose, through narcistic energy it was possible for you to put on your show. As narcissists think in games to play and ego strokes. I grew up myself with a narcissitic father, so I know all about it. Even if Donald must be chosen a second time around, then it means more souls need to be delivered of the narrow view in their lives. God is in us all!

In wisdom we need to be patient always respecting everybody within the collective field of energy, also Donald Trump(I am not talking to get involved with him here). Thinking collectively and globally by what is shown out there is a clairvoyant source to forward our energy to more peace. Sending light is a powerful tool that is always there if we keep on protecting ourselves energetically before proceeding and doing so. After all we all have access to the same light! Doing this in a protective way is highly important as a collective lightworker if you want to start manifesting this and if you feel called to do so! If you don’t take causion of the energetic protection other people’s(areas you work on) karma can strike you back…cause counterforce don’t like so much light.

We all wil eventually realize we have a collective responsability here, each of us…and that is where my project LeavingTheSystem is built on. Now and then you will find posts on that topic. They are titled with ‘LeavingTheSystem’. I am receiving guidance now in how to form the basic wisdom in doing so.


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