Rabbits, people, the illusion of pain

We hear people aloud as much as when they are in silence,

we see it in their eyes,

in their energy,


for a better life.

the same with animals,

a rabbit’s pain of abuse,

in the moments we believe we can do the cross-border action pulling their fur out alive for a product we don’t need,

in silence they scream, their throat opens wide, their eyes and gut pain comes out(‘O but it’s just a rabbit, they don’t feel! most people say’),

she/he was a soul just like you,

and yet that isn’t earth, that isn’t us people.


We are highly evolved beings going the wrong way,

what can I say,

choosing the pain,


at 9 am streets are empty again,

we are already there,

at work,


in stress,

by a clock,

don’t we pull these innocent rabbits in,

no more,

stopping all of our pain

is the only way,

cause silently,

karma kicks in,

for free,

for another lifetime to be, in repeat.


Nobody will punish us if we change course,

it’s just another illusion caving in,

we must reclaim that part in us that is forever pure,

taking back life as an essence, a gift, a freedom to live,

machinery we don’t need,

it’s about the way we once lived, and now again, free of any system,

building on nature’s time,

a new life,

we have never forgotten,

feeling that time is in the present,

and nowhere else to seek.

This is my friend, who was couragious enough to come and live with me, left behind what did not serve her. One morning there she was hopping in front of my front door.

This is the true power of rabbits, unwavering and not agreeing if it serves a bigger cause. So I gave her my whole garden and a beautiful wooden house, cause she is never giving in if I must understand a part of me on a deeper level. Sometimes for days she jumps away when I want to pet her. Until I see what is needed!

Still in this lifetime, she was my beloved dog who passed away many years ago. Same colour, same energy.

I love you Z. Forever!


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