Bird is bird

Photo by via Unsplash

As humans we have a strong inner belief cause we are entitled to anticipate on our intuition, our inner voice. But that is not the case yet for many of us.

We have told each other, neglecting that voice, saying to fast: ‘O but it’s inherent to being human!’. There is no day that sentence isn’t passing by. While humans hardly know what we really are about, our lives are not a mirror of what a bird authentically lives, so outside as inside. A bird only lives stress in a fight or flight condition that occurs now and then for a very good reason. But we humans constantly stand in a flight or fight condition for no good reason at all, since we don’t live the flow, we live by clock(only on sunday the clock is less strong). Let’s have a look what we do: we drive cars in the fight or flight modus, cause driving is constantly paying attention in a tense body, we also constantly meet someone’s wishes at work, we do the same at home cause we are taking on a to big load next to our jobs in wanting so much stuff, having kids and bringing them to their wantings. If you would ask me it’s a sign of a lack of self love.

So we concluded a human being is: doubtful, stressful, emotional, sad, forgetful, powerless, insecure, shameful, in pain, …

Where is our me-time left in the now? How are we supposed to hear our intuition if being distractive is our live?

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