The real need

Photo by via Unsplash

We meanly have learned that we must learn how to handle things that are making us and our surroundings uncomfortable. We’ve never knew we can heal our selves without the drastic procedure classical medicine is preparing for us. We even believe that cancer is curred while it is only really cured if we can heal what it caused. It can come back in many different ways, not understanding (no more) why we must have such a strange pain in our toe all of a sudden now while there is no cause. Same counts for mental health issues. Until that point and not beyond I see many people agreeing healing is more or less about a doctor, only while it takes a group of people around us to help heal on different levels and with methods that are much more attuned to our personal constitution. Not the one of research performed on others but you.

While a simple thing like to let the body or soul guide us in to musing along is a difficult thing to do for many of us.

It’s like no one does it, parents told to man up and do something instead. Like it works for them??

This is a shame, cause when the body goes in to a musing mode it has something to process, to let us know and to let go of whatever comes up!! With musing most of the time it is an unconscious process, we just feel good and should allow that always. The body or soul simply has something to do asking you to do nothing! But holding on to the restrictive voice in our head of our role model can be a counter balance instead of balancing the need of the body or soul.

From now on I’d like to ask to really feel this urging need to muse and to go along with your natural flow letting go of whatever you would of done to deny it! To claim that moment or the time needed. And we all know when we are at work starting to daydream, how good it feels…until a collegue comes to interrupt it.

We are no longer bored…no we are healing by the free wonders of the body and soul. And there are many!