Leaving-The-System – 2: Let’s go!

photo by Unsplash(artist unknown – pls contact)

Hi from everything we know we don’t want:

◦ In reality(society is not our reality) we don’t want and need education since we already are each of us talented, born with it! We must not try to figure out whether we become a better person/citizin or not, by going through education. In my feeling too many kids feel not worthed enought to reach for such high aim for intelligence. Many of us are falling apart and become distant, desperately realizing they are not good enough. Isn’t is also their life to flourish? but we are collectively responsible to unseparate them from their creativity and worthtyness. We did separate them!

◦ Everyday we must hurry up for a job accomplish cause we have believed we need to survive, while we can grow everything for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for ever, out there on the ground we walk on!

◦ We actually don’t need matter, nothing of it! We can learn to let go and live without make-up, clothing, shoes, housing(new natural housing we can make). We can find everything in nature to live of, there is everything we need(but we can’t go too far and start all over again as we did, making matter and even a clock to watch if we are on and in time! What time?

◦ Who are we fooling everyday? Answer: ourselves! We are selling fancy magazines with stories, but the real reason is to sell products, the stories are second to. There is no story(even the good ones) in there that are for free, we are paying television, paying people off to make lots of money for their life story with the result we are becoming public figures not having privacy no more. A diversity that is unnatural and unhealthy. A bad plan of education, we are educating ego and we learn our kids to do the same!

◦ Please continue to fill in…(there are so many examples were we betray ourselves with). I am not trying to be negative, I am trying to get the money and the system away, in wisdom, not by intelligence.

Wisdom is the new plan, an assertive and self-mastery plan we will all need to discover.

Basically we are paying to live and believe there is no other way.

I can’t go on like that and I am sure I am not alone. I won’t wait for the very slow pace our collective race is moving on to eventually SEE-ing clear. No that is to long of a ride for me, this lifetime is the flow in where my idea is wanting to bloom! Today I’ve decided to inspire and help us learn how to manifest honesty and to receive again what we are entitled to as a human. LIFE.

We are not yet aware what a powerful race we are, we consist of so much more love than we believe!

Today I feel sad for the life I am entitled to and that life isn’t here yet. A fact is I feel sad already my whole life cause I am born in a made world where everything is a game, a marketing plan, a money-issue…I’m saying in EVERYTHING it is presented! I must BE the change and the chance is NOW.

So I am planning to walk my talk together with you, keeping my faith high! Together with you I am setting an intention for a life change! No longer writing my talk but changing my life(and yours if you are in)while I write. I’ve been doing this now for about 10 years on my own, but not yet have I’ve done it collectively…I guess I need this so bad now…as many of you… it became time to start it up! This is called trusting the universe appealing on the power of the Law of Attraction. Not caring about my English, that it isn’t my mother language, I trust I’ll be understood well enough. I am starting this here , LIVE and directly to you! Let’s go!!!


DAY 1: (other days will follow in divine timing of my meditations on this very topic I am manifesting LIVE, a leap of deep faith…I trust).

“Hi God and Archangel Michael, my two mentors and guides in spirit…Me myself and many of the people here on earth believe yet that we are not meant to live a life we drastically created that way. Yes that one with the too many head aches, to many worries while, really, non of this is true. We live an ego-distraction away from what is really true in divine truth; nothing to worry!! There is no such thing as no pain, no gain. We are not here for the money or anything else that is created out of fear.

So help me God to manifest that crucial part of life back that most of us are not SEE-ing anymore! That we are fooling each other through this every day! And I know this is true, a wish, for many many people…down here this earth is in need for a REAL LIFE!!

A humanity that is in discovery of the real Self! Mastering the Self is the whole principle of A REAL LIFE! We’ve lost our Self-mastership! AND SO I WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOW UP, THE GUIDANCE…BELOW AS ABOVE!”