Remember yourself again:

When sometime is right for you: YOU KNOW IT, THERE IS NO DOUBT!

Many situations are passing by in life for learning purpose, not to learn it’s content only…but to learn how to leave an unhealthy situation. To learn how to discern what you really need in life to serve your divine life purpose.

You needn’t take over someone else’s life lessons…therefore the other person was born as well, to do the same here(even when it’s not going to happen in this lifetime). And this, no matter how difficult someone’s path seems to be. We can only give away a part of our inspiration to help, we shouldn’t give away our whole self! That is distructive!

It also counts when you are becoming caregiver for a family member(I was). But it sure counts when you are in a wrong(narcissistic) relationship.

Right now you might feel this is you at the moment, well it’s not…it’s only time to leave, to go cause you are the reason someone is able to steel your energy, you let it happen!

About recovering from narcissism:

Kim Saeed and Melania Tonia Evans

Dutch: Mjon van Oers


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