What you see when living in the 5th dimensional realm

At the 5th energy frequency you’ll see there is so much transformation yet to be done AND at the same time it’s done! You see peace.

You see children that are born enlightened and parents that are wisely teached by their babies.

You also see that bad people aren’t bad, just damaged. That can only be if you have understood counterforce more than well, understanding it’s narcissistic approach/tactics, its games, that make you a victom or a warrior. A warrior being able to transform the 3rd dimension by his or her indigo power.

Most of us people still live in the 3rd dimensional realm, not even aware of anything spiritual going on in their lives. Living on the surface of things (matter)and shallow on the emotional auric layer not feeling well the collective and social responsability. But you might as well be someone becoming aware, all of a sudden you might realize we shouldn’t (ab)use f.e. animals or other people. And so on…here the path of ascension can start opening up. Feeling you want to quit certain friendships or interests is very normal in that phase.

Here you might feel we are all becoming indigo’s at the end. Self-sufficient powerful and vulnerable leaders. Teachers of self-mastery serving out that knowledge…to the world…

…for peace,