I decided to ‘manifest’ the financial support instead; message cancelled, counterforce bye bye!

Some of you might of read my post today(I cancelled) about showing advertisement on my WordPress blog/site. As a solution to balance the giving and taking to compensate for my free of charge lightwork I do.

But hey why not energetically manifesting this one aswel! I was thinking, since I will leave the system last, after guiding people first, I might use some financial support for my free lightwork I do…that was a very earthly action of mine, not really me.

But that didn’t work for me, it felt off when I was back in my own energy one hour later. Counterforce tried to fool me…I’m very sure it did…cause more negative and twisted energy was present over here today. We must reset and check in with the light protection more times a day.

Let me step one step closer to leave the system by this changed intention…a pure intention!

With Love,