Daily protection from counterforce: a must.

Yesterday you had a live view while I was writing this blog in how counterforce tried to fool me when I all of sudden was taken along in changing my website/blog in to receiving earnings with advertising. I was distracted from my divine connection and taken along in the idea I can balance the giving and taking while doing my free of charge lightwork, by allowing advertisement. Just earlier I was at home and an unwanted man rang my frontdoor bell. I knew it was not a messenger from God so I didn’t open the door. Instead I pushed the alarm button. After that the energy field around me changed and not to much time later I allowed the advertising pop-ups on my blog. One our later it felt off, so I changed my mind and took the option away.

How come?

When we feel taken by counterforce we are no longer in tune with our personal divine connection. Our intuition only ‘seems’ to feel no longer accurate. But before arriving at that point you are taken to a place off. And it always comes unaware, it comes with a transformative message for you to understand. This doesn’t happen when you hold the discipline to protect yourself daily. So me myself I felt already intuitively disconnected but I couldn’t see it in time. Now that I have quite an amount of readers my ego was touched to go in to that energy. Not that I was in a ‘want to earn money condition’ but I was taken in a sort of confusion. A confusion hold by narcissistic energy. As that is what counterforce energy feels like. A condition that takes over when we don’t enforce our daily counterforce-protection skills.

About a week ago I was chatting with a lady who was sick of the tiredness and sick of the men who were taking all her attention while giving surf lessons. She asked me for advise being sad and ungrounded. I shared with her that I know this feeling well and we must as good as we can, protect ourselves again from darker energies. As highly sensitive persons counterforce comes in and feasts your light to fulfill itself with the attention it doesn’t get no where. It is not respecting any boundaries and it comes to you by the presence of others if your light shines to bright(and it must shine bright). What a burden it can be if you don’t know yet this is happening with you. It explains sudden tiredness with certain people, the moment vitamines and other supporting substances don’t work.

Color of Archangel Michael(with blue orbs by the way) – Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I gave her the advise, personal in what she needs as protection, by asking her questions. So we started of to recall the color of her own light; turquoise. Than I asked her to visualize upon that light another layer of the purple color as Archangel Michael’s light of protection. But yesterday I had to remind myself doing the same, going against the flow counterforce brought me in and I allowed unconciously. That is what happens when being a lightworker. Especially if you work with the collective energies as a collective lightworker. At these moments we shouldn’t help other people, we must learn how to discern both energies going back in to our own light force. Cancel, clear, delete everything unwanted. Even cutting energy cords that were reinforced by karmic involvement, if necessary and when the above isn’t strong enough. So I forced myself to grap my yogamat starting to do my prayala yoga workout. After that I started to become grounded and felt better. But most of all I felt withdrawing the idea of putting advertisement on my blog.

With Love,