LeavingTheSystem – 3: Handling frequencies (1)

Photo by Jon Butterworth via Unsplash

We all WERE highsensitive so we still ARE. We all lived lives were we didn’t yet choose for ego activity, pure and loving lives, with no crime, no murder, no ego. Once, at the time, we were taken by thought by the energy of narcissistic energy(counterforce seduction). We basically took part at a losing game, losing our innate power. Spiritual power, intuitive power, in exchange for psychotic power. Still today we litterally give away our energy when choosing that force, that negative energy. It is really only about a choice, about choosing positive energy. Not that easy for many of us. And still not easy even when in a fairly enlightened position. It takes dicipline!

Counterforce, not to forget it is also part of our excistence for a reason. There is another article(2) I am currently writing on that in why we can not fight counterforce energy if we want to recall each our personal light. In that article I will teach how to deal with it in depth. In how to deal with one another respecting light and darkness. How to handle frequencies that are not yet ready to leave the system here on earth. About the natural flow that runs through all of us if we pay attention. And after all how to manifest within that flow of life most of us are struggling with(including myself when I am not centered enough).

Beyond earth

So I am not talking here about us as the first people on earth who lived of plants, followed by the animal eating people. Like learned in history lessons at shool. No I am talking about much higher energy layers that are still out there. Those souls don’t live in bodies cause they are still ascended and many stay in that position. A light frequency that is much more refined and wise. Beyond intelligence. From those soul groups(like f.e. the Atlanteans from the Atlantis civilization) there are souls decending living as people, in bodies, to help our planet from dying. There was too many dense ego energy on our planet for too long that over the last 3 years those people are born here more frequently than even before(the last 10 years). So we die again and our destination is no longer attached to planet earth. We can come back or we go elsewhere. You do come back to this planet if you are still about to remember lives you lived here so you can heal them. Emotionally, bodily, mentally and karmic. You are here to walk the path towards this position of ascended condition… deleting, cancelling, clearing your ego energy of pain, doubt, fear, closed heart, disease and anything that doesn’t give you a complete life of joy. A life in the moment, away from a system with a ticking clock. And gradually you will read how to do that as I channel visions for LeavingTheSystem. In other words they come while I am putting myself in my philospohers state of being. We all can do!

We all crossed the following situation… when we communicate, and once the ego breaks during a conversation with someone, we arrive at that part within when all humans answer: ‘but I am a very sensitive person!’. Everyone eventually says that, yet not everyone is able to say it out loud yet cause they are not aware they are functioning in life guided by ego(to a certain extend) . So they are unconsciously scared and put up a wall of defense. Like ignorance, self-defense, narcissism, bullying and so on. But really everyone not taking part in the conversation sees the walls of pain around another being. As you do. And again not everyone is anticipating on it and can not do better than just living along(passing by)the sensitivity of another being. Here we talk about superficiality. While highsensitive people ARE showing their empathy much sooner, they show vulnarability cause it’s safe to do so. In that case people worked through quite a bit of amount of their own karma or they are born this way(many of the new age children). One is not better than the other, only working your light makes the difference. The last skill we need to achieve, now in rememberance of all of that!! The powerFULLness of human beings!


When you are settled well enough(feeling ready, not there yet, but conscious about ascension) in your highsensitive skills you are becoming a server to humanity. In many ways: yoga teacher, lightworker, bringing innovative ideas in business life that serves us all, …and many many more. Always operating in a collective responsability. Sometimes just feeling how to live life by ‘being’ is enough as your divine life purpose! With that lots of light can be sent to our collective field if we do our actions intentionally, mindfull. So walking in the office aware of your ascension is a whole other feeling and effect. It heals and it transforms.

Good news is that everyone has a unique talent, EVERYONE, and walking that path, that inner dream, inner urge, intuitive guided nudge, is all we need to do. Listening and daring to allow it! Babysteps will do!!

With love,