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Photo by Via Unsplash

Like putting an airplane in to our sky or being a part of the gamma radiation of a passing train in high speed at the train station or eating microwave food,…it is destructive energy that pollutes especially our minds. Not to speaks of our bodies. So is the slow pollution of plastic in to our oceans.

Even I can understand a group of people don’t believe in climat change…that nature is stronger than us all, but I do feel counterforce must not enter our energy fields for we clearly can’t provide peaceful minds no more. An example is; We are taken by fast cars! Can you image how fast we excactly drive them????!!!!

Please SEE.

Conclusion: it is not our right to play God, light, how you call it…it is our source of light, it is God’s. We inconsiderately abuse it, take it for selfish purposes and we take others along. We must only observe counterforce as the provider and protector of God’s Light. A manifesting force that serves…it is just there…certainly not our piece of cake!!!! Let it be so we can transform in to the soul we are in essence as human beings!!