Q&A for Indigo’s and Challenges:

Photo by https://www.samuelzeller.ch/ via Unsplash

Your energy is harmonious, only it is transformative. Never feel sad about the lonely position you might be in…just stick with it, it truly is correct, it’s your divine life purpose! Connecting with other people has it’s challenges, lets open up a conversation here to learn to understand the constitution you are carrying.

Remember that transformation leads to harmony…just permeate yourself that in your energetic approach it takes time for someone/a situation to see clear after your manifestations! Therefore practice to step back afterwards for the good of all. Whatever people might think, we’re talking here about thriving in higher consciousness, so you will need to become ready to meet the right people as your support and consolation team.

Only harmony for our world, without transformation, is not enough cause our world is not ready to understand and live harmony. Cause if it would you wouldn’t have been here in the first place!! Your incarnation is a true blessing!

Yesss you always know better and that is ok.

Indigo’s are fully capable of transforming any narcissistic energy(ego= the condition a human takes on when using the energies from counterforce while we are not supposed to). It contains terror, greed, dishonesty, (animal)abuse, lies,…

Own that power dear ones!

Q&A for indigo souls starts right here. Thank you for sharing your pressing questions, there is no need to feel alone…you are a powerful warrior!