Healing ancestral trauma

We can not heal someone from our ancestral line cause we need to let go of that person. It concerns a karmic and negative experience here.

It all comes together when we start to heal ourselves!! When we heal ourselves our karmic family line starts to heal aswell. Family is seldom your family of light, it always tries to fix you in a way not in tune with who you are. It does fix you when f.e. your mom is mirroring you from a place of love, a pure intention that is bringing you to a higher way of thinking, a mom that learns you how to protect yourself in integrity or even bring you to a place you start to encounter your inner wisdom.

Today I like to share what works to help you go through that time of transistioning to a life of recovery and eventually mastery. Here is a stone, called Tiger Eye. Again feel well for yourself cause everyone is different. Tune in to those stones in the picture and feel!! A good feeling? A bad feeling?

The stones on that picture are very nice as the lady behind these stones is doing her lightwork with the stones from a pure place.


Tiger Eye will protect you from energy attacks, also called ‘psychic attack’.

You know that feeling when you are emotionally not strong or ungrounded. Everyone comes in as triggers to hurt and it hurts. So we got to go to a centered place again! A place were we feel our own again, inour power up to any situation. An observing state, our pure heart.

Back to your strength!


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