The constellation of the fly

(Movie will be updated asap on You Tube for full exposure)

In this video I talk about the background of the fly. They are visitors of us, showing our constellation their insights. Their ways. And that movement is already happening for a long time and will go on until we respect them for who they are! As extraterrestials on a mission. As a child we all are remembering them while our parents chased them away. They are flies in many lifetimes now.

They are still with me now, showing their respect to me, sitting together on my armrest.

We haven’t learn anything from them but by posting this video that process might start up now. Even though they are having a hard time respecting our bounderies(sitting on everything), but that is just a perception, a judgement. Once we start to talk to them from a centered place, an intuitive setting, we can experience much more insights!

Thank you for sharing yours🙏. Let us be grateful we all tecei e unique information to share and to learn from on our path of ascention.


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