Indigo’s & Challenges: Masters meeting Masters

An indigo soul is not born to wait upon people! Cause waiting upon people would mean waiting a whole lifetime and that is not possible as an indigo’s energy is much quicker and much more transformative than any other energy of harmony. Transformation leads to change and harmony. So you are harmonising but throwing in mirrors of healing! So people start to heal when they meet you, even if you are just present!! You will have to detach after you’ve been joining others! Yes sometimes a lonely feeling, but remember your personal family in the energy is strong and powerful. Let them support you all the time!!

Indigo soul it’s about your mastership you are here!!!

So dear indigo soul never put your guard down, never doubt you ability to pull old energy out of situations. Even more…it’s your service for world peace. It’s you holding Archangel Michael’s sword of Light when you ask Him to!

I guess you are getting that right now! People you meet need change in life. But you also need the people around you that are filling YOU up with energy, and for indigo’s it’s quite difficult to accept it’s possible. It simply doesn’t feel there are souls like you! Indigo’s basically feel people are sleeping, not wanting to change…but that is coming from souls their karmic energy. That is what you feel, it’s not your energy!!!! Let it not be of any distraction or frustration! Clean and clear yourself with Archangel Michael when you feel so; ask Him to cut the energy cords between you and the other person(s)/situation. Go on to the next task! Your warrior energy is needing to go to the next task! If people don’t want to heal, leave! Never look back!

Masters meeting

It’s about mastership now, about masters meeting masters now and if masters are not open to be vulnerable it is not going to happen to meet. It will be postponed until everybody has gone through the elimination of ego! When meeting their collective wisdom is going to expand and add upon each other’s light when they ARE ready. Many Master teachers of important value are now living on earth and it IS time to meet up! Earth must be saved, that is it’s position it is in right now, so let it not be a surprise when important lightworkers are meeting…you meet them!

Only this time around Jesus is in his indigo-energy, he is not going to be of the same harmony as before! It’ time to manifest!! And that is what He does now! Manifesting together among Masters now to make huge shifts in to pulling people in to the 5th dimension, so they can work themselves on their own light to recall!

Dear Indigo please know that YOU ARE LOVED❤️!!


New light is on our planet since a few Ascended Masters decided to incarnate so history can be healed. We are still receiving them today!

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