Pay attention to your dreams

When Archangel Michael whispers you to pay attention to your dreams it means you are about to receive clear signs in how to proceed a certain project or receive an answer to a certain question you have. You must of already sent it in for help unconsciously!

Photo by via Unsplash

You are a powerful channel with your divine connection, so you must never doubt on what you dream at night or during daytime if it resonates in a pure and happy, guiding way. We must not anticipate upon dreaming scary things as those nightmares are mainly souls who want to come in for your help without asking. To take your light. These are the souls kids are scared of at night not daring to go to bed anymore.

A soul that really wants help and wants to do the inner work will ask you for help!!

Let’s now discern this and follow up on real Angelic guidance.

Archangel Michael.

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