Grounding vs. psychotic energy

Photo by via Unsplash

If we don’t do proper grounding before, during and after our energy work as a healer, lightworker or manifestor we are not receiving clear guidance from our guides in spirit nor our Angels.

When not doing the proper grounding work counterforce comes in to take us along to a place of distraction where our energy becomes gradually unstable and unreliable. This is called psychotic energy that can lead to a severe psychotic episode at the end if we are not aware of grounding well enough. We are behaving in a mental state of mind in such case. A state of mind that is created when we don’t take care about grounding ourselves on a deeper conscious level. As all things in life. A lightworker needs to balance his or her energy with dicipline. We are not allowed to ignore a stable and well balanced life style. No more excessive behavior in consuming lower energies through food and addictive drugs of all sorts, lack of sleep or any other draining energy coming from getting involved with the wrong kind of people.

You are at all times AT SERVICE! Your high sensitivity is a precious gift to work through.

At all times we are responsible to stay in the light and well grounded if we want to be a responsible healer from a pure grounded intention. We are not supposed to go in to the traumatic energy that is loosening while healing trauma of people or animals, cause in a grounded position we may immediately channel dark energies of trauma away in to the earth.

Be an authentic and responsible healer in self-respect and self love. We needn’t to hold on to old habits of healing techniques from the past that brings us in jeopardy if we can work with the very refined healing light of the Angelic energy frequencies.

Be a wise healer,


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