LeavingTheSystem – 4: Don’t believe everything you think

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Photo by https://mainermedia.com/ via Unsplash

Isn’t that basically what most of us do?

We are not the kind of creatures to be lead by thought through life, we are suppose to look up the flow of life instead the time. Asking what our intuition is trying to tell us. We are now arriving at a time to shift down every moment we feel in need of inspiration, even if it means several times a day. And even if it means people around you wil not right away understand you, but eventually they will. Do you have the courage to do that? To grasp your vision and bring it to the world?

Sitting out there, focussing with one part of the brain, will not help our race to move in to the direction of wisdom, it only thrives to a one side, the one of matter. But achieving matter through inspiration is what is needed to bring peace instead of power. Upon till now marketing, financial benifit hasn’t proven us we’ve become more beautiful people. We were drift away from our connection to live life, instead we are surviving life. If we believe everthing we are imposed to think nothing is going to change! Believing change is made from a transformative heart will bring the transformation the world is in need of. Love is much more than that, love has a transformative side to be picked up by teachers and transformers with a vision. Not a easy job, but if you feel the world needs to achieve collective responsibility over a subject than it will at first not work along with you…no…you must hold on in bringing it unshakeble!!!!

“Everybody knows that we do not need money to be part of life”

We are now coming out of denying the above sentence, moving in to the heart energy slowly. But it feels scared as we have been fighting for ages against our ego. Dear ones that is not the purpose of ego! Egoistic energy is an outside energy helping us, showing us a mirror in how not to to do something a certain way! But we went along with it not understanding what it is meant for. Once our intuition told us but the juicy apple was more inviting than the message our feelings carried. The human race is in need to change all of that realizing it didn’t make sense at all trying to move forward a product without love. Forfilling a job doing that is not our personal divine life purpose in where the heart is in lack of passion. We can see that clearly with many employees, people are working in offices doing the job to recover from its rush in the weekend. What about the ongoing flow? Are we going to deny it any longer? Choosing to live ona ticking clock?

That is how far we let it slip away. Now transformative events are coming along to change that course. A good example is president Trump, just appearing to shake up people in a very deep offensive way so people decide to go stand in their power again so America can gain authenticity instead of economy. Another example is Brasil that is pushed now to let go of ego, to let go of the pressure on destroying and exploiting the rainforest. Here in The Netherlands stables of chickens and pigs are burning down by surprise so farmers become aware of their animal abuse by holding them in bio industry stables without freedom. Believing this is healthy meat instead of stressed meat(killed meat by forcing animals in transport trucks forcing them to be killed).

What/who are you letting to stand in your way? Is your vision gaining your self respect by listening to its intuitive guidance?

A transforming soul,


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