Building and constructing

Hi everybody,

Can you feel it…so many old habits will fall apart now there is a new energy shift that has happened and is happening right now.

Building in Las Vegas, Dubai, airplane constructors and all of these old energy activities will be replaces by matters of the heart that are much higher in energy frequency. We are currently simultanious building tiny houses and skyscrapers! What a huge range in thougth! Fast energetic processes came together the past days by manifesting lightworkers all over the world.

Photo by via Unsplah

If we ask each other over the weekend about the value of life we are ending up gathering, saying: Why are we caring about this fuss?

Aren’t we? Still believing though we need to survive.

It is about being passionate about what we launch in to this world and teaching that to our children. That is what makes our children grow in to high vibrating people that care about pure standards and intentions. Instead of showing our children we need to collect coins is really an unfair way with good intention. Today that is not good enough! Good intention are the opposite of pure intentions. We are not going any far with good intentions. We are not growing in to our enlightment process very steady that way!

So thank you Mr. Trump to try to have us build your bricks…I guess following you is a loosing game. Thank you to make us see that! To shake us up! People are going to lead from an inner self now and governments will eventually become overruled. All over the world. But we are not there yet, we are moving quickly though. In a fact many world leaders will finally become people with a collective responsibility not going for the money. Those children that are and get born now will get the feeling of collective responsibility. In others words: …of peace.


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