Indigo’s and challenges: I did it for the bull ! (a story of a dirty indigo job)

Photo by Richard Gatley via Unsplash

You can get an indigo very mad if it comes to animal abuse. So when I feel someone is having the attitude of knowing things well without showing any soul to the subject, I must let go of my light in a unpleasant way. A very transformative way that is often misunderstood for the people around an indigo soul. Even by healers an indigo is a difficult subject to be able to guide, only healers that are getting the mastership of an indigo soul are able to bring an indigo-soul to his or her highest wisdom and capacities. There is a deeper reason to the fierceness and anger an indigo can show. It has nothing to do with ego, it has everything to do with justice and bringing justice to the light in a way the world can not understand yet. It is a way of being that must be taken seriously!

I am sharing one of these kind of moments to let indigo souls know they may apologize to theirselves for being so brave! Apologizing to your own soul means that you must forgive yourself for your unselfish action that may take you along in pain. A inexplicable pain that is harsh because it is God who has put you to an assignment of love, transformative love! That is how God is doing his job if it comes to immediate change.

Their pigs:

It was afternoon yesterday and I went to share my energy with some beloved animal souls at a children’s farm in Zoetermeer in The Netherlands. It is called T’Geertje. A institution, a company who is claiming to be educational for children but that only seems to be their truth. So far I had no conversation with the farmer so ever cause I only visit my pig friends that are kept without any space at all. I feed them appels and will never ask permission to do so cause it’s the only joy they have. I cuttle them very affectionate and we understand each other very well. They are been ‘used’ to show the visitors(kids, parents, grand parents) their little ones and are kept on small area all year round. Way too small. Their piglets taken away for the kid’s showroom. They are even bred in an extreme abusive way carrying a body that is too long for they can walk well enough. Their body is made that way through biotechnology research for the benefit of humans who are gaining money over their backs. That means they are bred with extra nipples to be able to let more pigglets drink so more meat can be produced! They are to heavy to carry their own weight so they lay down all day. On the picture you can see she even pulled up her heavy body weight to call me. What a effort of trust! This fellow pig had called me back in and I went to hear her out. When I got home I started to pray to my Angels and received a special message in doing an energetic ritual to help them.

The space you see is what they have for the three of them! It’s a shame!

And every visitor thinks that farm just knows it all very well. People can walk in and out, so that is their tactic to stay on the safe side, by letting the farm open to the public. In meanwhile they are slaugthering the little ones at a certain age, but first they are showing them to the public. Most of the people visiting are so short sighted and naive to believe they all stay at that farm. But no one would visit so often without the babies are shown. Their goat cheese shop wouldn’t sell no more if they would treat the animals correctly.

An indigo will never take that shit! Sorry.

Their goats:

The mother goats(their main business to make cheese)is the most devastating of all. A small bio-industry of baby goats that are pulled away from their mother after birth. Even though the animals are walking in a shared stable that seems big. If you are an energetic animal reader you can feel the numbness of the adult goats. They are not happy!! It’s cruel to hold money against the light of education. I had to transform this farm now finally after all the times I went to observe their crime and killings. They are no better than others farms, they have put up a facade with their bio products, but still the animals are not treated properly. The whole truth is that they are not enough conscious about it, it’s a generation of farmers that pass on these old ways. I’d of liked to say to all of the farmers holding animals in old ways: ‘Just stay away from children and hide yourself dear farmer behind these closed walls of massive animal stables called bio-industry. A business for people with no emotions’. On the other hand I have read it very well, this farm does know what they are doing but they will never admit it, cause the farm developed in a brand.

My manifestation ritual has been done in answer to what those three intelligent pigs asked me. Can’t wait to see the pigs dance in spirit if you know what I mean. Well when you are an indigo you certainly will dance along while reading this article. Feeling what we can achieve by collective lightwork.

Their bull:

As well yesterday I was cuttling, wich I never do, their locked up bull and got the farmer saying to me that I was treathening his private space(of the bull). The guy not seeing at all what I was doing, his observations were old in energy frequency. I just had to let him know right away that it is a shame the animal is kept inside a cage from 8 m2 day and night and never goes outside. His attitude was so unfair that I immediately took responsibility to give the bull a voice. Cause who will do that instead, every volunteer working there is brainwashed believing these are the best conditions for this animal. I kinda knew I had to talk since the bull carried indigo blue light. I noticed that before this conversation started. The bull was furious he was kept that way. His aura was so intense that I had to undergo the job to hold the farmers ego for a sec!! The vibration I was trespassing in my words were: ‘How dare you!’. I had to let go the idea of being able to talk to the farmer, it was the only way he would feel the energy. And yes it can be hurtful but you have the indigo-mission to set things right. Not always a fun job. Someone needs to do the work!

That is a day of nasty indigo behavior, not fun at all, but if God sends me I go. I do the dirty job and I mirror. I have nothing to loose if I look at the conditions this bull lives in. I must give this animal a voice! Their wasn’t another possibility in that case but by an interaction in matter, in person. The outcome will be done by manifesting the farm back to freedom. In where everybody will heal and see, including the farmers! Don’t know when, I just know!

Freedom to all the animals,



Your questions are welcome if your are looking for guidance in your performances.

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