Social media: pool of karma

Hello everyone,

Since I detached from social media(almost a year now) I see so much clearer on the effects of the 5th dimensional realm. Creation is talking right away to me instead, I eliminated all of the people in between. There are enough people already around me to reset, as we all have, haven’t we?! On SM most of the people are playing God if you want. An ego energy is definately taking over once we open up social media. An non-attachment to the deeper self appears and it isn’t pretty. Who is feeling what is really going on? Is it for real we can not survive financially if we can not sell our product/service by the obligation of taking part of SM? I am simply not buying it! I will only open an account if I must inspire, not to take part of an non-excisting world that is doing things instead of feeling them!

Photo by via Unsplash

People that are not aware of the internet’s list take in energy from the collective energy field that is eating our own energy. Here we can not see anymore why it really can create as well. It is a tool for a very important message to spread, but there is only a small group of people yet that are using it from a pure place of being. Seeing the opportunity we can share love to the whole world. So it needs discernment in what is takes and what it gives energy wise. Cause being attacked by another person’s karma plays out on us in many sneaky ways. We are getting hooked in to unwanted energies everytime we open up social media. It is still media, thus sucking energy. Whether you want it or not. And I am not against media, not at all, but I guess we need a different approach in dealing with SM. Thinking about universal codes in using real conversation. Becoming aware of spreading love in everything we do or want, in what we say and speak/write, in what to achieve, by using pure language and aiming for pure stories. It is all in our hands, we do not have to copy the media world in all it’s facets of distruction. Sharing a true story away from drama or brought as it is is a whole different tool. I call it justice and authenticity.

An example: Why do we need to know about Nicole Kidman’s life because she is an actress? Why do we read about princess Maxima of The Netherlands her work with the UN if we can not see what she is actually doing?

Isn’t it time for a NEW socal media experience?

A lot of guessing, insinuation, doubt, prejudice and so on is forming in our auric field if we don’t pay attention…it distracts us from reading situations much deeper. I rather see Mr. Trump’s face with the tv on mute than hearing his voice or intentions. And that counts for many of the individuals out there when appearing in medialand! (Although Donald Trump carries a very transformative energy to shake awake America on their innate authentic power, away from moneyland).

If you believe it is after all the only place to connect with truth you may…but there is more to FEEL about a story than it appears on SM.

Can you feel what I am trying to approach?

In peace,


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