Even before breakfast: Guru’s, Swami’s, doctors,…

Hi everyone,

Even before taking breakfast I was drawn to write about the influence of allowing guru’s in to our lives. The feeling your get with them while your might already have kissed their feet.

Guru’s, swami’s, teachers, scientists, doctors, healers and researcher are all the people in society that are claiming a truth. Wise men and women we are often even following and taking their truth as the truth. But there is a whole different energy in being inspired by words of another being! Your don’t need to leave your own temple of vision and insights to live these truths when they come from another human being. They might overlap some of your inner truth but at no cost nor time they should feel imposed upon your sense of belonging.


That is why meditation is an event of different perspective, for some of us it happens along living live, for others it is brought by sitting in quiet time for hours. We can never fully look in to a being’s cel information nor akashic records, we can only sense a certain way to help our neighbor find the courage to self-awareness wich immediately leads to God-realization. We may skip the wholiness around it, cause we are all holy. The only blockage of attaining wisdom is our ego and the level it plays in our life.

And yes now a days many people yet are sensing deep, are allowing in guidance, but we must certainly never loose our sense of self to an extend of following some one or glorifying someone. That is old energy of past times. We aren’t here to follow, we are here to be. That’s about all. But we can never forget that meditation for each of us is running accordingly our own truth and inner wisdom, so following a teacher to do so is not leading us towards the voice of our intuitive power. It rather detaches. The teachings of our own soul, the only one to really question all the time, is always there. No one ever decided it’s there, it is simply there.

Let’s say it like that: We must question our soul 24/24 and let it participate in to our life today, daily, so we can recall everything our body is holding on a cellular level. Our soul is always answering and when it doesn’t seem so, then focus on the many times it did. Remember that! Secondly our emotions are trying to heal us and our mental mindset is trying to detach from any event outside of us. Last but not least we must clear our karmic evolvement by remembering what we didn’t forget in other life times of pain.

The only way when the soul is not evolving, is by ways of others…they should only inspire us to go home. Not to leave home or swapping our own temple for someone else’s home. The guru doesn’t need eventually another master’s shrine neither, nor does his needs a shrine of himself.

You will always though find yourself among lots of other followers not having faith in who they really are…in society, and ashram’s, until you are ready to walk your unpaved path yourself. We all know the submissive behavior we take when a doctor talks or when a researcher has spoken…the one with the sad ending as if this is the only path and so the only truth. Far from all other possibilities!!

Always welcome yourself to all possibilities, to our collective and interconnective linked energy that is carrying all we need. Everything is energy and all is energy. Everywhere we can tap in to that universe full of possibilities that is telepathical and psychic. We are all equiped to connect our psychic abilities by knowing, feeling, hearing, sensing, seeing, smelling. Not to far from now we will all have developed them again. Remembering we are all healers, to heal ourselves and others. As long as we are in charge to actually move our body or our arm up in the air we know we are very powerful being. Unfortunately not teached that way for still many of us.

As long people claim power we must stay awake!


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