Q&A: No reaction on your email is just fine

Have you realized that we are connected with each other and everything by the light in between is?

answer: so there is no need to doubt anything could go wrong, that is only the illusion of the ego trying to let us see the light in everything, believe it or not. The light in between us is the Angelic kingdom(counterforce energy, ego, is just a carrier, like fire. So this Angelic bookkeeper will get track of our emails, meetings, train delays, cancelled flights, to learn from it, to stop yourself from being out of the flow or to even signal you to see their signs.

We are not supposed to go along with ego, it’s just there to clearly know where to guide yourself next for the sake of peace instead of distruction. Not becoming it’s destructive power, how eager can we be! That is exactly how we distroy our world. Yes you are carrying this kind of power, not politics or anything in the outer world, that is how powerful your are!! It is already there in the moment; the right email will respond if it is meant to make the connection between you and another being. If it doesn’t be glad it doesn’t, it could of costed you a lot of distraction for nothing(hmmm to help you see clearer again). No need to make your own challenges😉.

You just need to calm down. ‘See again’ what you have let yourself lose. Yes you beautiful powerful one! Isn’t your arm moving by your command up on in the air?

Everybody has a reason of existence, gay, transgender, down or not…let us respect and see all of the purpose of our own and each other’s paths. We are so not entitled to have someone believe our distructive reasons that lead to war, suicide and most of all to a lack of faith and trust. We are not going to see clear if we reject or judge…step back and calm down.


(when we pronounce the word peace on an equalizer we will not find another word vibrating higher than peace).

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