Are your thoughts manifested?

When we consciously manifest our thoughts we can collect the result in the media. That is our life purpose!

Manifesting our thoughts, what is it and how do we do it? Are we aloud to?

We all are aware somehow, whether we are still in denial cause we didn’t reach consciousness yet, that our intelligence has been misused and abused. Cause look at this world’s action of detructive behavior.

But intelligence is a great given blessing in disguise, it is the supportive act of our intuition or our intuitive power. When misread we are becoming weak and distracted from our innate ability to manifest our reality. Being aware that no single person is mistaking and therefore must be forgiven in an assertive intelligent way guided by our intuition. There are infinite chances to learn how to see the light in things. If you want the kundalini energy or God-energy within us and among us. So manifesting is an act of peace coming from what is to be transformed from the collective point of view through the self. It’s about the soul-content, if the soul is distracted we can not manifest purely. It’s happening in reverse when we work from our ego. Doing so is saying to the universe we want to create ways by problem solving instead of spreading our possibilities.

To make a long story short, we all know how to manifest our negative thoughts attracting negative people/situations in to our live. Becoming submissive to drugs and incoherent energies of counterforce. So if we can do this, we can as well aim for much more and see how abundance can come in. Though we are only receiving what we really need, cause what we want is going to destroy us again and again. An artist urning lots of money will eventually get bored of that, finding themself in to a moment of contemplatation about whether you diserve more than that. Superficiality and all those lower energies distracting your beautiful intuitive power, your divine life purpose, becomes a eye opener. Your consciousness is much stronger than all earthly matter. As an artist you might find yourself realizing your brush, your lyrics are manifesting quick. Passed your audience only and passed the artifical glassy smiles of art collectors you can’t get around in the first place. You will want to find yourself in a higher vibrational plane were your strokes of paint become one with your outer world fusing together with the light arround and in you. So your thoughts you have put in to your work start to find a energetic way out in to the collective energy field. To realize they did all along. Only now you attract what you really need; happiness. In matter you will be infinite suppied. Whether you work you a** of or not you become abundant automatically.

This article is containing manifesting energy to bring you out of the position that holds you back from a life with a purpose. Enjoy.

photo by Alina Grubnyak via Unsplash


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