Light and science

Here’s an article I felt to give my metafysical insight on since my trips to various places on earth to open portals of light as a lightworker. As well as my various astral trips that are, like many of my colleague lightworkers, presented to help raising our collective consciousness in our starsystem and beyond our own universe. Many starseed indigo children and adults are living this divine life purpose to send light to end the cyber war and aerospace debris that is causing so much disturbance in the energy field we live in. As well as to transform wars and governments with unpure intentions that lead to unpure actions. It must be retained.


Dr. Anderson:

“An incredibly powerful cosmic blast in a distant galaxy has broken the record for the brightest light ever seen from Earth.

Basically, a massive amount of energy was released through a gamma ray burst about seven billion light years away and, in a matter of seconds, it created more energy than our sun – the nearest star to us – will generate in its entire 10-billion-year life span.

If you’re struggling to imagine such a thing, that’s because the numbers behind this explosion – which is one of the biggest events of this nature since the Big Bang – are absolutely staggering.

Gamma ray bursts are the most energetic events in the universe, and the most massive since the big one that set everything off in the first place. 

Well, that’s according to Dr Gemma Anderson, who was one of the co-authors of the study of these recent events. 

Anderson worked with 300 scientists from around the world on the discovery, but the research was led by researchers at Curtin University in Western Australia(…). Read on full article: Biggest Explosion In The Universe Since The Big Bang

My insight:

That is what I’d like to say to dr. Anderson from the Curtin University in Western Australia:

“Dear dr Anderson the black holes are created by light(workers) making portals to bring more light while you are sending debris in to the cosmic field to get answers you’ll never get! Sorry to come across from such a direct approach, I guess you can feel my urge to get things balanced.
All credit in these go out to our starseed children out there that are born wise and are working with wisdom coming from our own magnetic auric field every human is carrying, receiving all of the information our(and yours) bodily cells hold by the same energy our universe thrives on. Our heart is beating because of the gamma energy. Named as well kundalini energy.

The two last Angelic portals that I have opened during my lightwork were one in Santorini Greece and on Holy Isle in Scotland. The last one drew in pure unpolluted energy to activate the animal kingdom so their communication with humans could restore.

Here is an example in how animals are starting to work together with humans:

Reconnection animals with people

The Santorini portal was opened up to connect the Atlantis energy with it’s overall plan it was originally directed to in the first place, but science stopped it; ego fighted it’s metafysical destination at the time, so that caused the fall of Atlantis. To give back power to all of it’s extra terrestrial Angelic portals I was guided to do so by the power of my personal animal guide. The Angels of atlantis were locked up for to many time. Due to wrong intentions and black magic many catholic beliefs(energetic debris by negative and unpure thoughts) kept great souls of light enprisoned through an imposed thought-system instead of sticking to our intuition. It became the fall of Atlantis. Only Jezus(a fierce indigo and crystal child in one) never believed in Rome’s injustice thank God, so we are still repairing that today. Fighting for a cause we don’t know where it came from in the first place.

To figure out this wisdom we need to become consciousness throughout the many incarnations a human’s life path is undergoing to find back the oneness of being instead of doing. Our pure power of excistance. Meaning we intuitively know, feel, hear, smell, see in the moment, so we manifest in the moment by thoughts or intentions; pure and unpure . In the moment I received my insight here. If I was distracted in to books of knowlegde at the university I would of had a terrible headache and a bunch of feelings bringing insights far from any wisdom. A distraction or a waiste of earthly time if it comes to hearing the sounds and messages from our planet; our concern. Once you plan the moment denying its flow it’s gone, but when you let it it shows it’s beautiful light; our life purpose. Realizing we are doing everything in vaine; building, vacuming, getting overworked, going to shool,… and everything else we are thinking out for money.

We can not deny anymore we consist out of 100% energy and that is how we abused space and created cyberwars. Through this life of thought we are digging our own power. So to undo all of this we will need to reconnect with our energetic power…without abusing it!

And that means we reached peace.


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