To leave the system we need to get Bored

I’ll make it as simple as it can get.

When one is bored days and days after each other it simply means you are aiming for something more important than what is around you: leave, change one thing in your daily live and know that you get what you’ve always done a certain way. It won’t change unless you escape it.

To get in the thrive vibe of our universe we will need to step back and get bored so much until we are vibrating on receiving insights and visions. They simple don’t come in a rush or while attending a certain job you don’t feel any passion about. The thing is that when we get bored we are not willing to accept the effect it brings along: loneliness.

Loneliness also leads to self-mastery. Let me share a bit of my life story that caused extreme loneliness. I was 12 years old when my father started to teach me from his psychotic state of being. I had to listen for hours to his preaching until I could find intuitive solutions to get out of this situation. Fact is, at this age, during this disturbed energy, you get depressive instead of becoming self-confident. For more than 10 years I stayed in the deep depressive state of mind to find out it was only a state of mind. The way out was so unreachable. It’s a black light at the end of the tunnel, the light of loneliness. Although when you are reading this and you feel that way, no matter the cause, there is also that very famous white light at the end of the tunnel. Only the tunnel is closed and here you reach the thought-system that convinces you that you are nothing. As nothing as the black light. So boredom is becoming numness and that is about as far as it can go, here you find yourself in the zone of being suicidal. I was and I didn’t get out of it by the support of my home, so I found myself in a condition as bad as my father. His condition and the energy of him being narcissistic pulled my mother and me in a separate state of affection. My mother committed suicide and I choose to find that light behind the black hole. But I had to leave. Change something. It was so hard to hear that voice of my intuition, but I mentally had to just change one thing. No-one from my belgian village Eernegem was compassionate enought to pull me out of this, Belgium is not The Netherlands where I live now, so I had to leave by myself.

It started at 12 and my enprisonment lasted until I was 40. But I left anyhow. One year during my emprisonment, at the age of 18 I left to Paris and I auditioned for a dance project, it was once I sat on that train I felt I was changing, that I gave the depression too much light for it could go on to battle with me. Every second km I approached Paris I could feel I was still alive. I needed that energy, that positive energy cause nothing was as negative as home, so my satisfaction was very quickly settled. So I lied to my parents and I left. I succeeded for the audition and before I knew it I came back to Belgium to meet a nice man who took me to a stable environment from where I started to travel all over the world.

Ok, I didn’t want to model, I just wanted to travel and get free. Feel free, being in therapy with the world around me. From Paris to Tokio and back to the cities who gave me possibilities instead of having to study at schools that weren’t understanding me; a new age kid. Not that I knew that yet at this age, no I even went on the cover of the dutch flair🤷🏻‍♀️. It was the freedom this life gave me, not it’s content.

I went on believing and trusting I could be my own trustful soulmate until I was reunited with the psychotic energy that once tried to beat me down. Realizing my father’s scattered God-realization wasn’t sick at all, I’ve learned to understand it, only I never talk to my father no more. I only go once a year to say hi and avoid the narcissistic energy while accepting it is who he is. I had to learn how to tune in with him on a distance realizing he is a new age kid himself; a controversial being from Arcturia.

No matter how life is right now, it is for a reason. Mine was to realize I am a lightworker who needed this past, cause without it I wouldn’t of entered my self-realization and my mastership. Surely I wouldn’t of recalling my incarnations, the visions and I would’n talk to animals, trees and fairies. I wouldn’t of reached the deep trust showing me when we can leave a mindset, we also clear see how it works to leave the system. After all the system is just another psychotic illusion with a twist of reality. What you believe is your energetic reality cause time and money simply don’t exist.

Freedom to you!