Are you my co-founder? : Currently setting up ‘Horses heal Strays’

Photo by Unsplash: unknown artist

I am starting off with a simple question:

Are you looking to invest in a professional foundation that will offer a energy-healing-program to heal (stray)animals that are treated out? Vets gave up upon unfairly wrongly as we are not to decide over death. There is a much more natural way of treatment in energy healing science.

Please let me know in what area your are strong the most if you picture this goal. Share your wisdom hold by ‘your’ talent…cause only mine won’t do!

I can’t wait to share the last 10 years of my life with the horses and recently the russian strays. It’s much more fun to tell you my story in person than letting you read a long piece of text, so I invite you to contact me. I am happy to share our stories!

Contact me here: contact

With the proper energy and assets we can start to guide the many stray dogs that are waiting to be healed by the horses to be placed in adequate families. These situations occured due to a lack of collective responsibility of humans.

Time for transformation,