Energetic horsewhisperer’s tales: heartbroken

Once I found myself in a very sad situation, a young adult who worked with me for the sake of the horse, was witnessed a terrible abuse by the owner of that horse. The animal was beaten up because she didn’t want to enter her trailer, she simply didn’t know how to. So each time it was a struggle of the unpatient mind of the owner. She basically took a broom and beated the back legs of the horse with the result the horse didn’t go in the trailer and did an awful fall. 7 vertebraes were broken.

Here is my life lesson in this heartbreaking story:

Well first of all I love every horse and animal out there, from flies to horses, but at that moment I could start to hate this owner. But I didn’t, I received from that horse that she was carrying through the whole process to make us people see.

The moment I visited her at the vet hospital, again I was heartbroken when I found her, after this terrible accident, in a corner while insiminating her. My anger collapsed and I couldn’t believe a vetenary clinic was going along in the same energy of the owner. Or must I say in the energy of equestrian sports? They laughed at me when I declared them unwise. I mirrored by picturing their own child, loved one, while being in the same situation of the horse. But they laughed even harder. So I did what I am good at, I talked to the horse.

She let me know that it was her mission to wake up this family and everybody around her, including the rider, the boy who still remains traumatized by this situation today. And the vets. She passed on she won’t give in on them until they see and know life has a different reality than ego. So a little while later the owner fell off of a another horse in a harsh way and the horse at hand was healng quickly. She also was giving birth again. She was guided to make this circle round, make people see their actions when working with the horses isn’t done the authentic way. That is how pure their energy is!

During that one visit I gave her energetic healing and she recovered. Nobody was aware. And that is how I constantly did my energy work, in silence. Now my goal is to pass it on to others. Teach people how to get in touch with their own healing capacities. For those who are ready.

Go to Horses Heal Strays: currently looking for people to help start up the foundation for traumatized stray dogs and their future owners. Here Horses help heal Strays. From animals to animals.


Photo by Jolanda van der Meer on Unsplash