Rhino’s fierceness or love?

When we work with animals we will have to take a few things in consideration.

They are in need of your metafysical approach as they live by instinct and you will just have to love all animals in their innate constitution by your instinct. One by one. So here is my analysis of this 2 video’s from an energetic approach. The science of behavior is not sufficient if we want to really connect with their energy.

1/ The pig that needed a rather harsh life lesson

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Description of my insight:

On the right we can see the young wild pig that is knowing he can’t touch the food(behavior), but what we can’t see with the eye is that he was warned many times by his mother(in the back) and she knew this was going to happen(look at the position of her head). So she kinda knew that only by the circle of life her young could make that connection. By collective energy out there. There will be probably nothing broken. That is one reason why animals stay in their own specie’s territory. Not that they are angry at each other, but because they are connected with their intuition(instinct) that is innate to their origin. And here the metafysical side of this story begins if we want to transmute this nature violence. It is not entirely their origin, the unity they once had with one another.

Metapfysics(and when the humans come in)

The pig was not on his lifepath, cause in nature you must follow your wise instinct or you will be trapped by an intervention that puts you on your path, your life purpose. O yes they have a life purpose in case you’d like to discuss they don’t! But why the harsh life lessons for this cute little piglet? Is it adolescance that is calling? I guess it was!

But there is more to the story.

The power-energy of a pig is intelligence and wisdom, when we feel through or tune in to it’s energy. So this act of ego is not wat nature has provided for him and it is certainly is not what nature is about in general. She is capable to listen to her own intuitive instinct, thus capable to grow in wisdom instead of stealing food. She must learn somehow to look after her own food. Look at us humans now we are not self-substainable(only a few exceptions)…how many events do cross our lives to help us see clear on the actions we take and let happen? Do you overrule them?

Those pigs thank God didn’t create a political system theirselves, but they sure are connected with the law of nature. A law not to brake! This information I have retrieved from my own intuitive connection with it all. We humans are holding this refined talent. The horses I worked with learned me how to deal with that instinct, my intuition. We are all ready as humans to recall this inside work: that is why we will never loose our intuition completely, no matter the distractions or the ego-ratio. We sure can drift away far or too far until the point we believe in that path instead of our own path. And that counts for every living creature.

Secondly I am pointing out how now that it is possible to arrive at another event with the same animals when humans come in, the second video below. When Metafysical laws are authentically lived by humans. With ratio we can say of course that they live in captivity and that is different, well in that case if you think that way I am inviting you to look closer than ever. We are all capable of seeing more than one side of a story, cause there are many truth’s! Each of us has his or her own truth…so the rhino’s accept that girl…

2/ The highsensitivity of Rhino’s and why

bron: Giphy

At the end that is where we want to be again…yes in the garden of Eden, we almost can’t even see a glimp of it when we look at our earth(but it sure is here). If we can see that our thoughts are influencing our actions, we might realize right here that we are not supposed to live such a terrible cold or extreme heat on earth. The climate damage is excactly what we don’t recognize no more as the debris of our thoughts in both ways; literal and figuratively are defining it. Debris of 7 billion thoughts! So much wasted energy if we think negative! Think about it. It is the effect of whether you laugh or not, are you seeing what I am trying to share with you? But with those rhino’s we can actually see when we change our behavior(steered by thoughts) we change our auric light and that they feel and see(we can too when allowing our intuitive way of living). That only means we must be as confident as this human girl. That’s all, we all can do this! The return of wisdom and the power of love between humans and animals are huge in power to return our climat back on track.

Today I could sense that our planet started to spin one minute slower, the clock stopped for one minute. That is the power of metaphysics. In that flow we can approach animals, leave any fear at the gate and trusting them by showing them your intuitive light. Going back in to your intuitive state of mind/soul.

Conclusion: Animals are only humans in a different body. I hope to write in a different article why flies, musquitos, ants, spiders,…are difficult to see as humans. I write by instinct, so it will arrive by the flow of life…

Yours to discover now as well, cause you can!


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