How does a horse heal?

Horses are the ultimate healers, they don’t make mistakes, they are patient and they don’t cut in bodies…they heal with energy.

Horses Heal Strays
Photo via Horse Therapy ~ Peyo The Love Stallion Visits Sick People

In this film(below) where you see Peyo not only visits people but also heals them. I invite you to look more carefully than you ever did before, cause it is easy to just watch a another movie passing by, while we are all having a 6th sense, we are all innate intuitive being. We don’t move our arm by itself, we have brains scientist don’t seem to understand…that is how powerful you are. So OWN YOU POWER dear one!

In a fact I am asking you to watch with your third eye or your intuition…than you might see(feel) the missing part in this video where we are not daring to believe the horse is actually healing this people by the transmission of energy. Peyo cancels, clears and deletes the sick energy from disturbed body cells(included the mental and emotional energy bodies, as well as the karmic memories our cells are holding)

I am grateful the owner of Peyo has such a great sense for this horse, they were meant to be together. And if someone needs to be with another body they will find each other. That is how we must let a love(partner) come to us, when we search we will attract the wrong one. And that also counts with soulmates. Met in spirit is met on earth, below as above.

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My intuitivity and your intuitivity can carry many different aspect to arrive at healing, so we need to cherish all of it. That also means that we here at Horses Heal Strays ( are looking for a herd of houses to heal with. Cause for this people we need more visits from Peyo if we want the healing to succeed completely. In a herd of horses we are very powerful, the energy is much stronger.

The energy transmission I observed is actually every movement in Peyo’s behavior, but aswel the animal talk he gives intuitively: f.e. when he move to the man who is dying Peyo shows me his dimension of the realm he comes from, his unicorn connection. That is shown to the man, in a vision of feelings…that is why the man cries… cause it is so beautiful over there he has no words to explain it. This dimension, the 9th, has healing capacities that are much higher in energy than ours her on earth, is is renewing our body cells. Doctor’s may test it and may join me… in gratitude even.

Yours to discover,


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