Light on Illuminati

Kundalini energy – the guru’s revealed

…in other words, why they could get people stay, with glassy smiles while kissing their feet.

P…in other words why they could sexually abuse children within the vatican, where illuminati(read: deacon board of popes) were/are cashing entrance fees from visitors to visit the vatican and of the parent’s donations that stole children’s hearts.

It is very easy to analyze such events if you are like me grown up in Belgium, where the church was a joke while your grandmother still believed to dip your warts in the blessed water by a priest child molester. It didn’t work of course. It wasn’t powerful cause it was blessed from a impure intention. I didn’t heal, no way, cause you need to be pure to heal another human being. It’s not jesus’ way at all. Catoliscism is the biggest scam of all scam. So arriving at the vatican’s door one day I knew I was going to be filled with visions. I was on my own, I could not resonate with my husband yet about this, but I could with my father. A lightworker who did get the same visions as I did. So I used his power at a distance and went in. It felt creepy and uncomfortable, of course. It felt like jesus was still hanging on the cross. It felt like Da Vinci was holding a very comforting Angel feather against my skin…so I started to trust my visions.

It is all very simple to me but I guess it is very complicated when families are driven in to self-defense without being heard in what their child went through. Even worse when parents took their child(ren) along in to a state of mind we eventually called ‘lost in cults with a brainwash capacity that seems irreversible’. This is also an article that will ask you to let grow it’s content as it is very transformational. It touches our pure capacity of resonation and we are all very unique and different. I invite you to consult your own intuition above everything else while reading. In anything I wrote yet, cause all is second to your own God given intuitive power. To start of we might remember, at concerts, the glassy faces that appear on fans. That’s the way it starts, kundalini energy can be conscious and pure, but it can also become psychiatric and impure.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

As a lightworker myself I have been studying the spiritual world from an detached position cause nothing felt good really when I tried to mingle with knowledge that didn’t come from my own visions and insights. And we all get our own insights!! Professionality in working with the divine is very far from a comfortable and easy way of living, meaning being a teacher in particular, it demands integrity(not scattered energy) just like a shool teacher should not touch, yell or any of this to influence a child. The opposite happens all the time unfortunately, but if it leads to a life long of damage and trauma it is certainly very resentful.

In short it is time to be your own guru.

How does kundalini energy works

Before I will get back to my story in the vatican, let me take you along in why there is no peace on earth. It’s religion, no politics. Only politics is anticipating unconsciously on the kundalini energy Madonna is pointing us out very sincerely. You get it or not, you will just have to open up your 3rd eye, otherwise you can’t see what I am trying to show here with her indigo power. To start off this article, here is her video clip:

Open video:

Open video:

So how does a guru functions to arrive in a so to say God-realization and call his or her people disciples? When an individual decides to become a disciple and why it isn’t entirely his or her own decision? That it became the decision by centuries of a brainwashed world that was able to choose matter over life. That guru can be a yoga teacher, or a illuminati pope that is telling stories out of the ‘bible’ instead of working through the stories of the bible and translate them metaphysically. They can’t they are beautiful lights(cause they are human beings) that lie. And lying is hurting and is about money.

In churches, temples, cults, but also in hospitals where doctors become guru’s, kundalini energy starts to get present and is ready to become unstable, carried within the human body. How does Kundalini energy work now?

Kundalini energy is the energy in our human body(and beyond) that is present, it makes us move, think and is about all good things. It is hold together by chakra’s and energy layers around the body. It’s the live force within us we are born with in a very pure way. If our kundalini energy is pure and kept pure it stays stable and our chakra’s are reacting in a stable way to our environment. Illness f.e. doesn’t come in. So it is rightful to call it God-energy or God. It does everything to make you happy while your body can stay in a grounded state of being. On the other hand you all know how it feels after an airplane flight, you just need to come around again in your own energy cause the cosmic forces disturbed it…not to mention the effect of the electro magnetic forces the flight itself claimed on our chakra system. There are people very much affected by that. That is the exact reason why flight attendants need much better care. That is also what guru’s are facing; when a guru becomes aware the kundalini energy is thriving among the group of people in front of them he or she must be strong enough to decide to stay centered at service of the divine, but that hardly happened in the past. Energy mutations in group settings still go on in traditions like for example in the yoga world. The awareness is ok but when a teacher becomes a guru it is possibly taken along with the intense bundled energy of that group of people. A group of human light in high intensity of kundalini energy, cause we automatically awake energy work if not well guided in a professional way. Doctors might all seem professional, aware of the impact of their studies, but the unconscious energy work puts the glassy smiles on a patient admiring the doctor. At that point guru’s get their feet kissed. But interesting enough is that most people distanted feel something is wrong. Quite disturbing I’d say when that happens to you as a human being having the intention to share your teachings(before you become a guru, you might naturally flow in to that position). In that case you are not capable of carrying the channelled information. A teacher must always find the balance between the yin and yang energy to stay in harmony. Kundalini energy is yang energy and is a carrier of transfomational light. God-light. A guru in this case is not yet able to carry the responsibility nor integrity for working with this energy and is following the twist of counterforce. That is an art of living that is not to be hold by a weak soul, especially when it affects people that are looking for healing. It is necessary your followers stay inspired not influenced. Again pure intentions come along with well settled energy work. Knowing that you are a lightworker, at service, always check inn whether you are still inspiring, keeping your shoes on, and nothing results in adoration and glorification. No church has achieved peace in the world by it’s glorification of God yet. Glorification comes after the you understand how to work with the light of God; our mutual energy source. Our sun and the suns of all solar systems.

For followers, this way, it feels like it’s the only way to become enlightened. While enlightenment is not only a feeling, no it is our collective source of life that we need to carry out in a pure way, a way that creates peace not followers. We have believed so many traditions that we are not knowing this information anymore. We are confused and make war. We need artists, ligthworker, to straighten out lies and ego-driven politicians.

Move your arm in to the air…isn’t it your command? By God’s provision ok. You may call God in any way you like of course. But it’s time for the doctors among us to start to become real energetic healers again(all forgotten). It’s time for people overall out there to become healers after all, so they can feel how to work genuine with kundalini energy(this information has been tryed to be kept secret by the vatican, in vain, cause they only pretend they know how to work with it, hold that lost key). Well it is certainly not buried in the vatican no more. People have the right to know now, so let them start their own hospitals and own shools. Not that the vatican holds any power anymore, only it’s interesting to analyse the past to reveal the future. We may call kundalini energy aswell psychotic energy(when disturbed) or sexual energy(when recalled what it is really for). I don’t like to call it sexual energy, it’s an old word. It has nothing to do with intercourse between a man and a women, certainly not the illuminati way…no it’s the only thing that may remain sacred cause no one can touch the skies while souls want to be born or incarnate.

In case your arm doesn’t want to move upon in the air no more when you got yourself in to a wheelchair for example and you thought about seeing a guru…then remember we are putting ourselves aside. Instead we must recall how powerful we each are. We are ready to recall self-healing now or people may recall how to become healers. We do not have to cut in our bodies like doctors do, we only believe now we must. We believed that it is the only way. Using x-rays, e.o. are not the way either. How will we regenerate cells that once were carrying important knowledge in our body when we can’t repair them anymore due to their absence? This way we become very complicated beings energy wise. Scattered, and so is our world. It is by the God-energy, the kundalini energy we heal, just as we have decended by it into the womb. We are energy cells and we will never become material. Unless we get very stupid.

No more believing

The time has come to look each other in the eye about the fact we are energetic creatures and we needn’t leave home to go believe one man or woman. Our own temple of love we carry inside can’t be ignored. All of the detachment we have done before and we are still searching among many many wars of wich we don’t even understand no more why they are there. Isn’t it basically about wich religion to put forward? In wich guru, even if it is president Trump, to believe? Or do we just decide following any case or person for money? Cause that is also possible. Or just following the money with no believe what so ever?

But what are we searching for? It is the kundalini energy a guru/priest/imman called in, from a start with a pure intention that eventually became a well supported system of financial devotion? Case is that no one knows what to devote and people praise along for centuries now, in temple and churches, mosques and synagogues, with zero effect. I have been going to yoga classes and every time I am asking myself what they must achieve if teachers/guru’s don’t teach the energywork. What is the big secret? Yoga and anything about us must be passed on by our innate energy and nothing more. Everybody feels the same kundalini energy but nobody needs to be convinced to choose a certain path of fear… you are on your path! Following a certain path in lack of self-reflection is a lonely course. No, again we must decide to be in charge of our own energy and listen to it’s guidance. Until that point that is how the guru was entitled to inspire the information the universal law of attraction brought, only it is there for everybody. We are all entitled and it must be passed on from generation to generation like we used to do. The most powerful work as a lightworker is to inspire another being by teaching so real one achieves to work with our common light inside of us, the God-energy in and around him/herself. So everyone feels it him/herself! And that happens when an adult dares to live from his or her inner child inspiration. Cause God gives it to children that must become adults. Who says they needed to become the adults we are now? Look at the planet. Kundalini energy is there for everyone who wants too call upon it, to activate it to work with it.

But it doesn’t have to be transmitted to another being from an impure intention once a teacher sees clear within the divine: a guru. No title is needed anymore: not swami not shri. We are all powerful incarnations! Below as above; taking off all garments of ancient guru’s and the follow-up on meaningless items of culture.

Instead we need people of integrity who know to gear in Oneness. That’s all there is to the divine. Oneness instead of religion. A natural force that thrives us in to deeper personal introspection, on our path guided by our fantasy.

What is God-energy?

it is (mani)festation – energy : when the bodily awareness is stronger than the (hypo)mania God-energy brings along. The reversed energy everybody can carry once aware you do and when we had a integrity teacher(someone who passes on wisdom). Unless you are a guru falling in to glorification gaining deciples/followers at this point. Social media. Fandom.

On a collective level, wrongly used, it is the disturbance we add to our earth-energy and body(whole constitution) through magnetic fields through science. Here we are arranging energies, most of it are the negative thoughts, that are disturbing our planetary course and beyond.

it is sexual – energy (misunderstood)

it is kundalini – energy (old verbal frequency)

it is psychotic – energy (unsettled throughout the highsensitive constitution of one’s emotional, mental and karmic energy layers, here the body collapses).

Once a man got to feel the realization of God-energy (kundalini energy) he can decide to abuse it, in my article here man decided to become a guru, again man decides to become a follower. This has nothing to do with standing in your own energetic power.

The guru can aswell be your father, mother, sister, brother, shool teacher or any trigger of one of them, passing by another’s ego you let to affect you. A karmic repetition to grow. The guru can become your trauma or at the very end the realization of your own power. But it can also become your death, your psychosis or your depression. Or it can let you choose the narcissist as a loved one that finally might wake you up how beautiful you are yourself!

Warning: detachment of any teacher leads you to enjoy the abundance of your own creation, already perfectly orchestrated by kundalini energy (old energy word). In other words; the God-energy that makes you decide whether you move your arm upon in to the air, un-imposed.

We all have to detach from our teacher at the end.

So once we were about to enter the sistine chapel a boy was missing from our group, the guide of the group was leading us in to the chapel and I knew the boy wasn’t going to return anymore. I saw his parents move away in panic and they were brought to the exit. The lam, not one animal or child was/is supposed to be offered for redemption…only sects do that…like the vatican.

And then the mist was cleared…

In equality,


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