History-flash: From Energetic horsewhispering in stables to Unconditional creation

Last summer was intense, I felt my Angelic connection was holding me in to a position in how to realize my dream into a realization that is enough to serve the world as a collective lightworker. Putting my ideas in to the right proces was an interesting challenge between my old way of working my animal healing skills and the feeling I had to stay very true to myself to see and know the new that was pushing through.

This article I wrote a couple of months ago. You can feel the process of manifestation energy throughout the article.

Horses Heal Strays is looking for a Co-founder – Is this resonating?

Months of self-realization and self-initiation

I am the right person to meet if you want to go for trusting your true rightfully self and trusting you can find every bit of your life purpose through your own existence. So walking my talk I challenged myself to know what to undertake, no matter how complicated, with my work through the horses and their unicorn-ancestors. For the universe it was simple; I was taken away my stable I worked with the last 10 years. All of a sudden I was standing next to a stray dog from Russia who changed my life asking me to help heal the strays all over the world.

Russian pup heals her sister dog

And when animals talk, I wake up. So this beautiful soul even asked me to go on a trip. I took off to Santorini and checked out what portal I had to open over there to bring the horses of Atlantis inn to work with. I met, during my lightwork a whole hurd of brown horses who started to offer me protection while doing my lightwork, with and without the horses. But what about my stable, where do I go but being surrounded with the people who respect my work. Not that I met another stable who was conscious enough to give me permission to go work with their horses. Bye bye horses was not what I expected at least. What to do now?


Of course I knew there was another way to come up, in faith and trust there is always a solution that fits even better than everything you can think of. So once after my trip to Santorini I opened up even more to my personal divine connection, in more faith and trust until I started to feel an energy that was changing within me. That proces was going and my return was met by my cat that got sick in the pension where she stayed during my trip.

I always have known it is very difficult to clear see what you must do as a healer when your own animal is sick. But always challenged by my spirit guides and Angels I started to realize I must do it myself as the vet gave up on her. So I knew it was not her time to go so I had to trust myself in doing the proper healing work. And I did. My cat is healed, during a couple of weeks I was in a sort of bubble in full consciousness I could do this. I worked with my spiritual connection and I found the right combination in treating her by classic homeopathy and energy healing I performed myself. I also used binaural beats.

It was later on I saw that she had put me through a self-initiation. That is the love she had for me. How can I ever thank her, you know animals are not humans, they do something in a state of unconditional love all the time. It’s up to you if you get eaten or not in the wild. But it musn’t happen. Only a weak calf gets eaten by a lion. They don’t worry and that is what you need if you believe there is always a solution for everything.

So losing everything first, the stables, to be able to escape to a better option was presented. I had to realize it myself, self-realization it is called. I had to trust that loosening my grip I held on to was excactly the action to take. And at that moment I could rely on it, everything was already there. The stable I needed, the money I needed and the people I needed. At least that was my visualisation.

Horses heal Strays

Horse heal Strays was my title for my foundation to create a farm with my own healing horses(instead of working with horses from a stable that wasn’t my own). I was going to heal stray dogs from around the world. But inside of me I kinda knew this was not a job I entirely embraced due to the amount of work I would spend in taking care for the healing hurd of horses, the stables and volunteers(I was going to offer a free horse in return for care). But there was more. It’s the people involved with horses that are very complex. Or they only care about the money or they wanna win and loose sight of the real purpose of a horse. Where there are horses, believe it or not, there are lots of ego. And that is not how I see these incredible animals. I remember a couple of years ago I was connecting with horse-people telling only a spark of my work and I got attacked. A stalking energy took place and yet then I knew I had to distant. So I visited stables for healing between owner and horse for 10 years, unpaid. But this form was not how I was going to operate within my expertise. So I quite social media and took my dream in thorough consideration. I had to go much deeper. And then the russian stray gave me a path to follow. To read: ‘much deeper than I ever did’. Cause standing next to a horse is much easier than operating in the higher realms of healing energies, if a superdog like this one stands besides me.

So last week I changed the name in Etheric Healing Hurd, I just knew it all at once. I knew how to handle the whole dream in to it’s authentic energy. The energy who made me arrive at the state of no more competition to beat(not that I would) or to win over to get things done. I changed entirely in to a 24/24 trust without doubting this trust for even one second. I arrived in a manifestation energy that right away put every thought in to action. At that point my self-initiation reopened my akashic records so a pile of wisdom entered. We never need a guru or teacher, we only may need a decent teacher to inspire us. Only straight manifestation everybody can achieve through the Light of God.


So I felt everything was shifting rapidly.


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