It’s still raining orbs…

2014: The dog hold us and meant it quite firmly

2014: ”Guess dogs must feature my divine life purpose 🧐”

2019: ”They do 🥳!”

Reaction from the Orbservatory:

Dear Michèle,(At that time)

“The dog was obviously accompanied by a few Angels, some of which are his
Guardian Angels, Dogs have two Guardian Angels!
It sounds like the Angels organized this ‘encounter’ and photo on purpose,
so that you would become more aware of Angels and get this message. I think
it is an invitation to connect more fully with your Guardian Angel and
Angels (by talking to them), and to be more aware how much difference you
are actually making as a lightworker yourself, you are in service to the
divine! (being in service is one of the symbolic meanings for dog)
Love and Angel Blessings
Franziska, DC Orb Team
Please send all future orbs to ONLY “

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