Leaving-the-system: Why no social media?

Social media is a powerful way to get things manifested, but it distracts us from our innate skills to manifest form in to matter and matter back in to form. for the purpose of cleaning up our bodily chakra-system and the one of our world and beyond. Undoing cyberwar and earthly wars begins by the unvoidance they ever exist. To get things done from our intuitive power we need to focus our thinking from a place of intuition. Here we manifest our feelings in to justice, and so in to peace. Everybody is powerful to undo debris of any kind by holding pure intentions that are only to create pure healing energy.

If we wouldn’t of have been distracted, we wouldn’t of built such disturbant places and watch the sun showing us how to leave the system…we all want but don’t dare to admit.

Photo by timJ via Unsplash

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