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The constellation of the fly

(Movie will be updated asap on You Tube for full exposure) In this video I talk about the background of the fly. They are visitors of us, showing our constellation their insights. Their ways. And that movement is already happening … Lees verder

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Rabbits, people, the illusion of pain

We hear people aloud as much as when they are in silence, we see it in their eyes, in their energy, wishing, for a better life. the same with animals, a rabbit’s pain of abuse, in the moments we believe … Lees verder

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Far from the Truth

There are people who decide to give their lives believing fighting for your country is the way to peace…while the only way to peace is not messing with that Truth. And that truth is that in every action of killing/manipulation … Lees verder

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Traumatizing horses

Equestrian sports Not to long ago I started a petition to prohibit equestrian sports. That idea(by the energy of) came from the horses itself while energetically talking with them. It was passed on from the horses that are thriving on … Lees verder

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Holy Isle – part 2

Here it is, the Holy Isle final report – PART 2 What is it? A little reminder It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’) so … Lees verder

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