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Write on money to spread love❤️

A very thin pen for a small line…an EarthAngel bringing big change to a random person that reads it in need. Create a pure intention while handing over the bill to a person and trust your intention is given energetically! … Lees verder

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Shool or Life

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A powerful affirming mistake. Change course!

We are never attacked, our free will choice is freed again as soon as we realize we never give away ourselves/our energy in truth…we only share each time a bit of who we are! Of our wisdom. Yes it’s possible … Lees verder

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Waarom het ego er nog is, al verblijf je in de 5de dimensie!

Ik deel graag dit lichtwerker’s bericht: ‘Lichtwerk met de vergeten meesters van Lemurië’ Ga naar:

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What an attitude!

Lightworkers, I wake you up!…No more bubbles please! An example out of all the situations I encountered. I was blown away. Again a lightworker’s shortcoming out of an ego vibe. Not an example if you ask me. I finally feel … Lees verder

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Indigo’s and Challenges: Q&A

1/ Are you feeling it is you against the world? This feeling comes from the fact an indigo’s energy frequency is not easily hold compatible with many people living on Earth(5th energy dimension). The gap can be 7 dimensions of … Lees verder

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Dimensionale verschillen(art.1 en 2)

Over: Van kompassie naar Godinnenkracht Art.1: Dimensionale verschillen tussen mens en dier. Ouders en kinderen. Partners. Art.2: Wat romantiek wel is. …meerdere artikelen volgen zodra ik deze kennis mag ontvangen. —— Artikel 1 Dimensionale verschillen tussen mens en dier. Ouders … Lees verder

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