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Closed heart

When we tell a story from an open heart to another one with a closed heart we might feel as bad as the one with a closed heart. We can not expect to match with someone with a closed heart, … Lees verder

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Current energy: Traumatic Pain Relief by 3rd dimensional help

(18th March ’19 – Counts for the time being) We are dealing with what triggers outside of us, to heal within. Many of us who need to ascend(time for rebirth)are facing an exchange of information that happens in the 3rd … Lees verder

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What we don’t consider when we feel drained and nothing seems to cure it:

Along the way to wisdom we have lived by thought-processes formed by our role models whom’s generations weren’t aware of energy levels we can sense in our auric field. Aswel on the emotional, mental and karmic level besides our bodily … Lees verder

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