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Het gevaar van kompassie(herschreven)

Velen gaan ervan uit dat Engelen en Heiligen verbonden zijn aan religie of cultuur, maar hun kracht ligt veel breder. Daar waar Engelen omschreven worden in heilige geschriften is het maar net wie deze geschriften heilig heeft genoemd en wie … Lees verder

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LeavingTheSystem – 2: Let’s go!

Hi from everything we know we don’t want: ◦ In reality(society is not our reality) we don’t want and need education since we already are each of us talented, born with it! We must not try to figure out whether … Lees verder

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Angels are the ones sending you their confirming signs as feathers, goose bumps, strokes through your hair, coins that drop, number 4. Or someone else is touched by an Angel and is saying excactly what you need to know, it … Lees verder

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Saving babies

If we want to be very honest with ourselves and our children we must become aware of our cyclic lives. The ones that made you unhappy as a mother in the first place, the part that triggers because of your … Lees verder

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Feel it with goose bumps:

We will keep on DE-cending to this planet until we realize repeting our ego actions are leading to nothing. Once we heal her, WE heal. Here is where AS-cension starts and death dies out.

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Holy Isle – part 2

Here it is, the Holy Isle final report – PART 2 What is it? A little reminder It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’) so … Lees verder

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When the doves cry

…en de kraaien doen alsof. Het is kerst, maar bij lange niet. De kraaien zitten overal met z’n twee, hoog op een dak of paal. Ze zeggen: ‘we vierden ooit een nieuw leven, maar nu is het zo koud als … Lees verder

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