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LeavingTheSystem – 4: Don’t believe everything you think

Go to LeavingTheSystem for previous articles. Isn’t that basically what most of us do? We are not the kind of creatures to be lead by thought through life, we are suppose to look up the flow of life instead the … Lees verder

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I am gathering like-minded people to work with HORSES and STRAY DOGS!

I finally decided to team up here on WP with other like minded people out there. It feels good to send out this message here instead of by social media. I WONDER if there are other individuals that are looking … Lees verder

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Pay attention to your dreams

When Archangel Michael whispers you to pay attention to your dreams it means you are about to receive clear signs in how to proceed a certain project or receive an answer to a certain question you have. You must of … Lees verder

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