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Angels are the ones sending you their confirming signs as feathers, goose bumps, strokes through your hair, coins that drop, number 4. Or someone else is touched by an Angel and is saying excactly what you need to know, it … Lees verder

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Write on money to spread love❤️

A very thin pen for a small line…an EarthAngel bringing big change to a random person that reads it in need. Create a pure intention while handing over the bill to a person and trust your intention is given energetically! … Lees verder

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Angelic help to change anything

The energy between us is hold by the Angelic kingdom and everbody is loved by it. You are, your loved ones are, the most traumatized people are. That means when we ask that light for healing purpose and pure intentions … Lees verder

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Traumatizing horses

Equestrian sports Not to long ago I started a petition to prohibit equestrian sports. That idea(by the energy of) came from the horses itself while energetically talking with them. It was passed on from the horses that are thriving on … Lees verder

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Angelic intervention: Social media stop

“I anticipate on everything I receive from Archangel Michael. He is the one working together with police and everything that needs justice, safety and trust.“ It’s been 2 days now that I am permanently disconnected from social media and I … Lees verder

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We are creating a new race

See this girl in the picture for a second. Many many people can’t see that yet. It took me from healing from childhood abuse to depression to dissociation before I could see I walked on higher conciousness already my whole … Lees verder

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Mijn collectief lichtwerk 12/07/’18

Al ging het vorige week over mijn tijdelijk huisdier de Gouden Tor. Een kever. En ook hier een korte terugblik op de manifestatie die ik hield voor regen in Nederland. De tor is momenteel op weg naar zijn volgende bestemming. … Lees verder

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