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I am gathering like-minded people to work with HORSES and STRAY DOGS!

I finally decided to team up here on WP with other like minded people out there. It feels good to send out this message here instead of by social media. I WONDER if there are other individuals that are looking … Lees verder

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Donald Trump and the collective energy

Like f.e. with America, blue is angry at red and red is angry at blue and yet nothing else is possible to undertake proceeding in to that direction, cause it blocks the way to a wider view on things. Do … Lees verder

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Holy Isle – part 2

Here it is, the Holy Isle final report – PART 2 What is it? A little reminder It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’) so … Lees verder

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Laatste oproep: Opgeven gratis healing met ‘Engelen en paarden’ t/m 18 jan middernacht:

Klik op de link voor meer info: Persoonlijk contact over deze healing wordt niet beantwoord, dit is een collectieve healing. Je hoeft niks te doen, de healing gebeurt op een willekeurig moment in week 3, op afstand via mezelf … Lees verder

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