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Indigo’s and Challenges: Questions(1)

Questions:  (Answers follow soon) – Are you feeling it is you against the world? – Are you feeling that the world is doing things without enough consciousness? – Are you feeling you simply cannot agree, things feel unfair? – Are … Lees verder

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Collectief Lichtwerker…weer zo extreem sensitief ?

Het is tijd voor een ‘stop’ als je overal extreem sensitief op reageert. En misschien vecht je al je leven lang tegen deze periodes waar je amper alleen lijkt uit te komen. Al heb je het steeds weer alleen gedaan … Lees verder

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Why indigo’s have tantrums:

  It might feel of no social value to explain all about indigo’s, as that could underestimate earthly lifestyles gripped by ego. But there is no reason to do so indigo’s, as your are operating out of God’s love and … Lees verder

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(2) Global Un-imposed Herald: ‘Recalling universal knowledge with the world’

                                                    To read Column 1:                     … Lees verder

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Collective energy 21 sept 2015:

At this U.N. global day of Peace we are actually not feeling this peace we are awaiting when we are high sensitive. Today the collective energy is very very transforming. It is asking us for Self-Control and to trust peace … Lees verder

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Assertive as a high sensitive

Living Your High Sensitivity Is Telling The Other Person That You Love Him/Her Very Much. But That You Can’t Listen Anymore To The Story Another Person Wil Divorce Him Or Her Husband For The Last 15 Years. Intuition Is Making … Lees verder

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