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Rabbits, people, the illusion of pain

We hear people aloud as much as when they are in silence, we see it in their eyes, in their energy, wishing, for a better life. the same with animals, a rabbit’s pain of abuse, in the moments we believe … Lees verder

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Money or Love…we allowed it!

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Far from the Truth

There are people who decide to give their lives believing fighting for your country is the way to peace…while the only way to peace is not messing with that Truth. And that truth is that in every action of killing/manipulation … Lees verder

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Current energy: Traumatic Pain Relief by 3rd dimensional help

(18th March ’19 – Counts for the time being) We are dealing with what triggers outside of us, to heal within. Many of us who need to ascend(time for rebirth)are facing an exchange of information that happens in the 3rd … Lees verder

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Indigo ascension: God-Proof

Zeeman© Omg counterforce has tried it! To put me in jail. It is so familiar dear counterforce that after I have been manifesting for our world, you try to catch me. Good news is I’m on God’s side, you can’t … Lees verder

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Manifesting psychiatry: ‘Dis-ease for life purpose recovery’

If we victimize disease we are not wanting to be corrected nor embracing the amazing task counterforce is bringing. It is not purpose to go along with its pushes and pulls cause you are only called (finally) to become a … Lees verder

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Using the universe for everything:

Video about how to manifest in a very simple way, no guru, not following expensive training. Just using what’s out there. Karma and counterforce. About other starsystems.

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