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HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Here it is, the Holy Isle report !!! It is 24 th of September and I am more than one week home from Scotland. It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret … Lees verder

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Ego is strong:(CALL FOR MANIFESTATION to prevent flooding)

Lots of people right now are having the same egoistic experience as during a sexual intercourse. Not knowing what it is meant for, not even realizing the degree ego is burdening our self-esteem. The exact same thing is for a … Lees verder

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Dear beautiful people of Iran,

You are holding a native wisdom that is still alive and very powerful…it is time now to never let down that guard whatever the world is doing or thinking. Don’t even go there, stick to your wisdom. Share it for … Lees verder

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The rain; it’s coming!:

Daar gaan we vandaag wat aan doen. Het is te droog aan het worden, een teken dat de collectieve energie niet in balans is hier in Nederland. Dus ga ik vandaag in conclaaf met de spirituele gidsen van mijn indianenfamilie … Lees verder

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Compassion & Ego; two twisted fenomena

I’ll try to bring these fenomena to a clear place today after I have been searching for too many times trying to understand the effect of both Ego & Compassion the last 20 years. First of all ego is a … Lees verder

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Indigo’s are thriving together in the indigo-matrix that puts an indigo blue colored light around the earth to protect everything that is in it. Dear one please stop bringing up the christ-energy, it has nothing to do with healing and … Lees verder

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Collectief Lichtwerker…weer zo extreem sensitief ?

Het is tijd voor een ‘stop’ als je overal extreem sensitief op reageert. En misschien vecht je al je leven lang tegen deze periodes waar je amper alleen lijkt uit te komen. Al heb je het steeds weer alleen gedaan … Lees verder

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