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Does your narcissistic father/mother loves you?(personal story)

I am writing today from my own life experience with a narcissistic father. And I’d like to answer the above question in this article’s title right away: ‘possibly to a certain extend’. Being born in the middle of a disorder … Lees verder

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Click and heal In power we live, Michèle

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A powerful affirming mistake. Change course!

We are never attacked, our free will choice is freed again as soon as we realize we never give away ourselves/our energy in truth…we only share each time a bit of who we are! Of our wisdom. Yes it’s possible … Lees verder

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Manifesting psychiatry: ‘Dis-ease for life purpose recovery’

If we victimize disease we are not wanting to be corrected nor embracing the amazing task counterforce is bringing. It is not purpose to go along with its pushes and pulls cause you are only called (finally) to become a … Lees verder

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You baby makes the choice

It’s the other way around; as a baby soul we choose our parents out of free will choice. There’s a ‘universal law of Free Will Choice’ we must pass as a spirit so your personal longing to descend to earth … Lees verder

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Collectief Lichtwerker…weer zo extreem sensitief ?

Het is tijd voor een ‘stop’ als je overal extreem sensitief op reageert. En misschien vecht je al je leven lang tegen deze periodes waar je amper alleen lijkt uit te komen. Al heb je het steeds weer alleen gedaan … Lees verder

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IMP: Instant Manifestation Power(ter herstel van de Godinnen-matrix)

                      (soon to be translated in English) ” In order for change to come, awareness must be present. In order for awareness to exist, one’s eyes must be open, and … Lees verder

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