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The real need

We meanly have learned that we must learn how to handle things that are making us and our surroundings uncomfortable. We’ve never knew we can heal our selves without the drastic procedure classical medicine is preparing for us. We even … Lees verder

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LeavingTheSystem – 1: introduction

Hello everyone, From now on I will be sharing my project LeavingTheSystem to inspire people to leave the system wisely. It’s going to be a path of transformation to come out of the brainwash of ages of manipulating one another … Lees verder

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Same Light!

Let these words be our collective force! Let us do the effort to act upon the energy between us AND SEE OUR ILLUSIONARY WORLD OF OVERFLOWING FEAR! …the bombs …the disconnection by borders …the wars …the illusion of matter …the … Lees verder

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