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Click and heal In power we live, Michèle

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LeavingTheSystem – 1: introduction

Hello everyone, From now on I will be sharing my project LeavingTheSystem to inspire people to leave the system wisely. It’s going to be a path of transformation to come out of the brainwash of ages of manipulating one another … Lees verder

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Indigo’s and Challenges: core mission

It’s not fun to feel people’s ego’s for the sake of transformation, but indeed you feel them for taking them back to the light for transmutation. Your energy may become upset, so it’s important not to walk around with others … Lees verder

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Soon more about how to get going from that place of feeling…

Hi everybody, I relate so much myself with this quote above. But to detach from it I allowed the other way of thinking about life, within me. I am telling people about it now. I will soon share all about … Lees verder

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